Admiral Mohab Mameesh inspects Fish farming projects

Admiral Mohab Mameesh inspects Fish farming projects

January 21, 2019

On Monday, Admiral Mohab Mameesh chairman of the Suez Canal Authority and Suez Canal economic zone toured the Fish farming projects, accompanied by Admiral Osama Rabea vice chairman of the Authority and members of the Board of Directors, to assess the on ground on-going developments by holding meetings with members of the Board of Directors of the company and its employees.

The inspection tour included observing the fish tanks of Gilt-head bream, sea bass, meagre, mullet, eels and shrimp ponds. Admiral Mohab Mameesh go to learn about the stages of fish production starting from the fry, feed and veterinary care to the stage of packing and future marketing plans in the coming period.

Admiral Mohab Mameesh assured that that the Suez Canal Fish farming and Marine Science Company is committed to implementing President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s guidance towards providing high quality fish at cost which is 20% less than the current market price; provided that the fish are supplied to customers in cooperation with the Ministry of Supply through its own outlets in addition to those of the Canal. It is currently working on implementing the Presidential guidance to cultivate popular fish such as Tilapia and mullet to meet the needs of the Egyptian fish market at a reasonable price. The company plans to God willingly introduce the red Tilapia fish in the market next April and the Tilapia fish next August.

Admiral Mohab Mameesh stated that the total production volume of the project was 351 tons of various high quality fish; they were introduced in the local market to reduce the gap between production and consumption with revenues of 40.8 million Egyptian pounds. The number of ponds inaugurated by President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi during the first and second phase reached 4140, 2175 different species were cultured. This included 432 Gilt-head bream fish tanks, 45 Seabass tanks, 48 tanks with Seabass and Gilt-head bream fish, 95 Meagre fish tanks in addition to 230 tanks for shrimps and 7 tanks for eels. 1038 tanks were allocated for the Cuvier fish family in addition to 15 tanks for seawater Tilapia fish and 250 tanks for freshwater Tilapia coupled with Siganus rivulatus and Steppe fish.

The chairman of the project followed up saying that the project is in its third phase aiming to establish a number of facilities for manufacturing and packing fish to become an integrated project following the latest global technology systems for fish farming including:

  • Implementing a unit following intensive farming to produce between 20 to 25 kilometres per cubic meter of water at a rate of 300 to 400 tons per year per feddan per cycle.
  • The establishment of a feed factory to produce 150,000 tons of feed yearly over two phases has been put forward for international tenders and the company will be selected in the near future.
  • Establishing a Factory for sorting, manufacturing, packing and casing of fish
  • Equipping an administrative and residential area with various services and living quarters for employees. Four administrative buildings have already been set up and the remainder are on the way.
  • Establishing a breeding ground to produce up to 160 million fry fish (Bass, Gilt-head bream, Meagre….) and 500 million shrimp larvae annually, a bidding for its implementation and design has been put forward.
  • Setting up stores (main and subsidiary) for feed and equipment.
  • Establishing a veterinary unit and laboratories for analysis and research.

The chairman of the Authority also noted that the Suez Canal Authority has signed a cooperative agreement with the Ministry of Manpower to establish the first professional academy specialised in fish farming to provide specialised professionals and serve as a technical training centre for workers in this vital field.

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