Admiral Mohab Mameesh: Suez Canal records its highest daily load in its history

Admiral Mohab Mameesh: Suez Canal records its highest daily load in its history

January 23, 2019

Admiral Mohab Mameesh, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority and Suez Canal economic zone announced that the Canal’s traffic on Wednesday recorder the highest daily load in its history, with a total load of 5.5 million tons and the passage of 71 vessels in both directions.


A total of 35 vessels passed through the North of the new Canal with a total load of 2.2 million tons, which 36 vessels passed through the south with a total load of 3.3 million tons.

The Admiral stressed that the unprecedented records recorded by the Canal’s navigation regarding the number of vessels and their loads gives a clear indication of the success of the Suez Canal, which was achieved with the full support of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and Egyptians. The Canal improves the navigational services provided and meets the needs of customers from ship owners to operators and enhances their trust in its ability to receive giant ships with large submarines achieving economic savings of large scale.

The chairman assured that the projects aiming at developing the Canals navigation throughout the Authorities history is preceded by thorough studies of all the variables related to the global market, competitive methods, and indicators of the movement of international trade; the Canal was the product of these studies. They also helped maintain the canals forefront, create a brighter future for future generations, and pointing to the positive impact they had in increasing the Canals productivity alongside the flexible marketing strategies that attracted new navigation lines.

The Canal witnesses the passage of 13 large vessels with a total load exceeding 150 thousand tons which is the first of its kind, and the passage of 8 large vessels with a load ranging from 100 to 150 thousand tons per ship.

The Panamanian vessel, EVER GOLDEN, passed through the north of with a load of 222 thousand tons which departed from Netherlands heading to Colombo in Sri Lanka. The Panamanian vessel EVER GIVEN, considered one of the largest vessels in the world, passed through the south of the Canal with a load of 222 thousand tons departing from Sri Lanka to Netherlands.

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