Admiral Mohab Mameesh: The Egyptian Maritime Fleet will be ready in 6 months

Admiral Mohab Mameesh: The Egyptian Maritime Fleet will be ready in 6 months

January 26, 2019

Admiral Mohab Mameesh, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority confirmed that 2019 will be the year to form the core of the Egyptian Maritime Fleet, stressing that Egypt must keep pace with the world trade changes because it possesses fixed port assets capable of attracting more ships. It will be completed within 6 months.


The Admiral added that Egypt is the heart of the world and this heart beats with the maritime trade and that we possess over more than 6 thousand kilometres of cost lines. Those regions are continuously developing as well as Port Said port and the east port of the new canal.

He added” the fleet will assist in operating the Egyptian ports; strengthen Egypt’s connection with the world in addition to increasing employment rates”.

As for the facilitations that the Authority offers to attract more shipping agencies, he stressed that the Authority currently applies a policy of flexibility in dealing with shipping agencies as well as improving the Maritime Service and ports developments to attract more vessels after initiating the New Suez Canal project and the restoration of affairs between the international alliances and the economic zone. The Admiral noted that a meeting will be held, within days, with shipping agencies owners to coordinate the process, expressing that the consolidated billing system that the Authority adopts has saved hundreds of millions.

He emphasized that Egypt is the primary benefactor of all the facilitations which necessarily services the canals navigation.
He added: “A deal was made with the owners of shipping agencies so that fees payment will be given by hard currency according to the flag raised on every vessel so that it won’t affect the Foreign exchange reserve of the currency or the dollar price at the Central Bank”.

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