Admiral Mohab Mameesh signs an agreement to build a roll-on vehicles shipping station

Admiral Mohab Mameesh signs an agreement to build a roll-on vehicles shipping station

January 29, 2019
Admiral Mohab Mameesh, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority and Suez Canal economic zone signed an initial contract for the establishment and operation of a roll-on vehicles station “Ro Ro” in the port of east Port Said. The contract was signed between the Economic Zone and the Global Alliance, which consists of the operators of the specialized stations such as, the French Polyurethane Logistics Company (One of the most important operators of specialized stations in the world of maritime transport and station management) and Toyota Tsusho of Japan and Nippon Yeosin Kaisha of Japan, NYK Line, which owns shipping lines, navigation, cargo and transport vessels and the largest vehicles in the world.


Admiral Mamesh added that the alliance has provided for the establishment and operation of the “Ro Ro” station at the port of East Port Said and the new port expansions, in addition to the western part of the specialized platforms for multi-purpose activities, including the Ro Ro, after a year of negotiations.

Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority indicated that the station will be 600 kilometer in area and it will have 250 thousand square meters of the trading arena. The station will be built with advanced global standards to be the largest the region with investments of more than 200 million dollars and the provision of more than 700 job opportunities.

The Admiral added that the project has been prepared for through the construction of new berths in east Port Said with a length of 5000 square meters; to utilize these berths with their global standards, which were built with the highest loading rate, from the promising port of East Port Said which is planned to be the largest port in the Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East.

The chairman of the Authority described the signing as an achievement in terms of operating east Port Said Port as a center for the distribution of cars and wheeled goods to local, regional and international markets. The operation of the port will increase the importance of the logistics areas within the economic zone, which is a step in the right direction to operate the east Port of Port Said and the new berths, after it’s fully established, to be a central port attracting investors to invest in the region. The Admiral expressed his gratitude for the effort exerted by the economic zone staff, particularly the northern sector for the success of the contract.

Mameesh declared that there is a plan to double the Canal’s revenue by 100% by 2030. He added, during the meeting of the Industry Committee in the House of Representatives headed by MP Faraj Amer, on Tuesday, that the industrial areas in the Suez Canal aim to promote for the value added tax of goods passing through the Canal, noting that the industry of giant vessels was one of the most important factors that led to the new Suez Canal project, and the establishment of the economic zone.
He pointed that the world trade has changed from north to south and became from east to west, and most of this trade passes through the Suez Canal.

Mameesh pointed out that the new Canal is connected to the economic zone, and that the old Canal had some flaws, saying “If a single vessel was to breakdown while passing in the old canal, the world trade stops all together,”, The Admiral added that the of the Canal expansions were necessary to deal with new generations of vessels. He mentioned that the channel was deepened from 16 to 24 meters deep to deal with these ships and that it is the fastest and largest navigational Canal dealing with giant vessels.

Mameesh pointed that the period of the revolution of January 25, 2011 was one of the most difficult periods experienced by the Egyptian state, saying: “May Egypt never revisit those days, it was a hard time.”

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