Admiral Mohab Mameesh welcomes European Union ambassadors

Admiral Mohab Mameesh welcomes European Union ambassadors

February 7, 2019

Admiral Mohab Mameesh, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority and Suez Canal economic zone, welcomed a delegation of ambassadors of the EU in Egypt, which included 18 ambassadors and representatives of 27 countries under the leadership of Ivan Surkoš, EU ambassador in Egypt, and in the presence of Admiral Osama Rabee, vice president of committee, and a number of its leaders. The meeting was held at the Communication and Training Centre in Ismailia.


The Admiral welcomed the ambassadors and expressed his happiness at this historical visit to the canal stressing the strength of the economic and political relations between Egypt and the EU throughout history.

He recognised the role of the EU in helping the developing countries develop financially, especially its support towards the Egyptian economy and Egypt as a whole. He stressed that the canal is completely objective in dealing with crossing ships and doesn’t discriminate based on nationality.

The admiral highlighted that the new project has maintained the significance of the canal and made it more capable in dealing with current and future generations of ships. This means that the canal will attract prosperity and will represent the essential infrastructure for the huge national project aiming to develop the canal area and change it to a universal logistic and manufacture centre through a promising plan and taking advantage of the site for future logistic and manufacture sites and six potential ports.

Admiral Mohab Mameesh ended his words noting his hope for a future meeting with European investors to discuss the competitive facilities provide by the Suez Canal Economic zone.

Ivan Surkoš, EU ambassador in Egypt, thanked the admiral for welcoming the delegation and reviewing the development plans saying “We have come to see and enjoy your success and congratulate you”.
He added “There’s no doubt that the canal is important to the entire world especially the EU, since most of its trade passes through it , and this is expected to increase in the coming period. We are proud of the EU’s efforts to support developments in Egypt since the EU is one of the biggest supporters for Egypt in development and finance and we expect that Egypt will achieve huge financial success very soon.”

The audience saw a trailer on the project and the development project in the canal region. This included a group of documentaries that viewed the history of the canal and highlighted its role in easing the international trade movement.

At the end of the visit, the admiral presented the Suez Canal Zone Shield to Ivan Surkoš and invited the delegation to a tour in the new canal and a visit to Ismailia subways to see the huge achievements in reality.

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