Mohab Mameesh: The Economic zone welcomes investors

Mohab Mameesh: The Economic zone welcomes investors

March 22, 2019
Admiral Mohab Mameesh, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority and Suez Canal economic zone, said that the directives of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi indicates that the Suez Canal Economic Zone will open its doors to investors and capital from all the countries of the world and ensures them the necessary protection under the completion of this huge project. The projects site is a unique promotional feature supported by political will and government-level institutional cooperations to overcome obstacles, laws and legislation that take into account the nature of investment in economic zones of a special nature.


In an Interview Mameesh stressed that the implementation of the necessary infrastructure for the canal is proceeding according to the proposed timetable. These implementations aim to transform the area into a logistic and industrial center dependent on the concepts of distribution and logistics redistribution and adding value to goods transported between East and West via the Canal.

He stressed that the work at the Suez Canal Economic Zone is racing time to attract new investments through intensive marketing efforts, including hosting delegations for major companies working in the fields of transport and logistics so they can see the size of achievement on the ground.

He pointed out that there are external promotional tours held to identify opportunities and investment incentives available, this is in parallel to working to win the confidence of investors by resolving issues and the providing settlements. This helped in the resolving of 28 problems, in cooperation with the Conflict Resolution Committee.

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