Suez Canal Economic Zone will soon be one of the largest in the world

Suez Canal Economic Zone will soon be one of the largest in the world

March 27, 2019
Admiral Mohab Mameesh, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority and Suez Canal economic zone, said that President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is intently following the huge national projects in the Suez Canal area and the three governorates of the Canal. These projects aim to achieve a great surge and progress in terms of the regions sustainable development and development of Sinai and the east of the Suez Canal.

During today’s visit to Ismailia, Mameesh stressed that the economic zone of the Suez Canal will soon be the largest economic zone in the world, and that Egypt’s real battle for development and reconstruction of the new Egyptian state has started from the Suez Canal and Canals governorates.

In a meeting held with Hamdi Osman, Governor of Ismailia, and attended by senior officials in the governorate, the chairman of the authority said that work on implementing the national and development projects is in full swing and runs 24 hours in a race against time alongside the expansion of various economical and developmental activities and creating more job opportunities for young people.

He added that the economic zone is one of the most important in the world. As a result, attention is given to the implementation and development of the infrastructure, the establishment of power stations and water desalination stations, and the provision of facilities to all project sites in the region.

The Governor of Ismailia praised the role of the Suez Canal Authority and its active contribution to all developmental and service projects being implemented in the region, especially for its role in the community and for serving the citizens of the Suez Canal Region.

He expressed his confidence that the Suez Canal Authority, with all its agencies and staff, will spare no effort to provide all means of support for the governorates in the region, in addition to technical, logistical and community services.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Governor of Ismailia Engineer Ahmed Essam, Secretary General of the Governorate Engineer Abdullah Al Zoghbi, Assistant Secretary General Samy Allam, a number of ministers, general managers of the directorates of Health and Population, Social Solidarity, and Education, alongside a number of executive leaders.

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