Suez Canal witnesses its largest Navigation movement since its establishment; 75 vessels with a total load of 5.8 million tons

Suez Canal witnesses its largest Navigation movement since its establishment; 75 vessels with a total load of 5.8 million tons

February 6, 2019
Admiral Mohab Mameesh, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority and Suez Canal economic zone announced that on Wednesday the Suez Canal witnessed its highest daily load of 5.8 million tons and the passage of 75 vessels.


40 vessels passed from the North with a total load of 2.7 million tons, while 35 vessels passed through the South of the new Canal with a total load of 3.1 million tons.

He said that the Canal strengthens its leadership of shipping routes around the world and confirms that it’s the mother channel worldwide by continuously achieving unprecedented records in both number and loads of passing vessels. The Canal is making use of the great development projects that have been implemented in recent years; especially the new Suez Canal project which has the political and national support as it’s regarded as one of the most important national projects leading to the development of our beloved Egypt.

The Chairman of the Authority stressed that the Suez Canal is reaping the harvest of its distinction strategy in in providing marine services of the highest quality for customer satisfaction from ship owners to operators, alongside studying the of International Trade movement and economy of the Maritime transport to keep up with its flexible marketing policies. This is in the interest of maximizing its competitiveness for international trade, and attracting new navigation lines that enhance revenues and serve customers distinctively.

He confirmed that the records recorded by the Suez Canal, especially today under these difficult weather conditions. These records are a badge on the chest of the canals guides, operators and the Authorities employees who are doing their uttermost best to provide the best service for international trade movement and to maintain its position in front of the world.

Today the Canal witnessed the passage of 14 large vessels with a total load of 150 thousand tons, which is the first of its kind. Another 3 large vessels passed with loads between 100 to 150 thousand tons each. The large Hong Kongese container ship CSCL PACIFIC OCEAN passed through the North with a load of 193 thousand tons heading to Malaysia from the United Kingdom. While the large Panamanian container ship EVER GENIUS, considered one of the largest container ships, passed through the South with a load of 222 thousand heading from Sri Lanka to Netherlands.

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