Mohab Mameesh appoints the son of the ideal mother in one of Suez Canal Authority schools

Mohab Mameesh appoints the son of the ideal mother in one of Suez Canal Authority schools

March 21, 2019
On Thursday (March 21st), chairman of the Suez Canal Authority and Suez Canal economic zone, Mohab Mameesh, agreed to the ideal mother’s request for Ismailia to appoint her youngest son to a school in the Suez Canal Authority.

This morning Admiral Mameesh met the ideal mother and her son in the Navigation building, and handed her the Suez Canal Authority shield, while her son gave his consent to be officially appointed.

Ahmed worked as a teacher at San Fansah School after graduating from the Suez Canal University Faculty of Arts; while his older brother works as a professor at the Faculty of Agriculture.

Hanan Hassan, the “Ideal Mother” in Ismailia, thanked Admiral Mameesh for his appreciation and quick response to her request.

In her statement she said: “I feel honoured by Admiral Mohab Mameesh for raising my children and for my effort over the past years. This moment made up for all the years of hard work. I can’t describe this moment and the joy that I am feeling right now.

“My husband died in 2003 and left me with three children, two at the beginning of their university education and a girl in high school. He worked in education, and with his death, economic conditions began to deteriorate.”

She added that she worked on the participation of her children in all matters of the house and always raised them to take responsibility, saying: “they were my siblings and my children, they helped me all the time. Gob blessed me with them.”

She added: “After I met with Mohab Mameesh, and asked for a favor I was surprised by his very quick consent, and he prayed that God blesses my children.”

The Admiral stressed when he met the ideal mother that she is an honor to all Egyptians because of her hard work to raise her children properly, and for helping the graduation of three young people who will be able to serve their homeland.

Admiral Mameesh quickly assigned the personnel of the Suez Canal Authority to take the necessary measures to appoint her son in honor of her.

The Ministry of Social Solidarity announced the victory of Hanan Hassan days ago as the ideal mother of Ismailia. She is supposed to meet with President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in the coming days.

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