Launch of the Annual Scientific Conference of Autism in the Suez Canal

Launch of the Annual Scientific Conference of Autism in the Suez Canal

April 11, 2019
On Thursday the special capacity care Center of the Suez Canal Authority in cooperation with the Faculty of Special Education Suez Canal University organised the annual scientific conference entitled “The realities of autism spectrum disorder and standardization of concepts”. It was headed by Dr. Mamdouh Turk, under the supervision of Engineer Hisham Khawalqa, Director of Services Department, and Admiral Mohab Mameesh, Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority and General Economic Authority of the Canal Region.


The conference was attended by Major General Ashraf Amara, member of the House of Representatives, Dr. Mohamed Hassan Ghanem, Psychology Professor at Helwan University, Dr. Mohamed Zaghloul Abdel Halim, member of the Board of Trustees of Hayat Foundation, a number of specialists, interested individuals with special abilities, parents and families of those with special abilities. It was held at the Simulation and Maritime Training Center in Ismailia.

This is part of the Suez Canal Authority’s World Autism Day celebration. The conference aims to shed light on autism and how to best deal with it and the efforts of integrating autism patients into society. The conference included a number of scientific sessions and awareness lectures for selected Egyptian university professors, namely Dr. Mohamed Hassan Ghanem, Psychology Professor at Helwan University, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Shawkat, Head of the special education department at Suez Canal University, and Prof. Hala Ramadan, Professor of special education at Suez Canal University.

Major General Ashraf Amara, Member of the House of Representatives of the Ismailia Governorate, thanked Admiral Mohab Mameesh for his generous patronage and his continuous support to all activities and initiatives related to those with special abilities. These efforts are in line with the Authority’s social responsibility, in co-ordinance with President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s great efforts to care for those with special abilities which he announcement last year. In addition to empowering people with disabilities in society, especially increase their representation in the House of Representatives to amend one of the articles of the Constitution.

In his speech, Dr. Mamdouh Turk, Head of Health Affairs and the Special Capacities Center, conveyed Admiral Mameesh’s greetings to those attending, and stressed the importance of the conference in celebrating those with special abilities and dissemination of the right concepts in dealing with those with special abilities in order to integrate them in society. He pointed out the success of the Authority in to providing an integrated model for care centers, which combines paediatrics, physiotherapy, neurology, hearing, behavioral and education modification to provide specialized treatments and training services.

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