The Suez Canal records a record of 65 ships with 5 million tons

The Suez Canal records a record of 65 ships with 5 million tons

April 17, 2019
Admiral Mohab Mameesh, Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority and the General Authority of the Canal, said that on Wednesday the Canal’s navigation recorded a new record in the number of ships passing and total tonnage with a passage of 65 vessels with a total load of 5 million tons. 29 vessels crossed from the North with a total loads of 1.8 million tons, while 36 ships crossed from the south the new shipping route of the canal with loads of 3.2 million tons.

The canal also witnessed the passage of 14 giant vessels with more than 150,000 tons of cargo per vessel, while 4 large vessels crossed with loads ranging from 100 to 150 thousand tons per vessel.

The giant container ship “AL DAHNA” carrying the Marshal Islands’ Flag topped the North convoy with a load of 200.6 thousand tons on its journey from the Netherlands to the UAE. The giant container ship “OOCL SCANDINAVIA” carrying the Hong Kong Flag topped the South convoy with a load of 220.7 thousand tons on its journey from Singapore to the UK.

Admiral Mameesh assured that the Suez Canal is proceeding steadily to strengthen its international position as the world’s most important marine navigation facility through the continuation of development projects in its navigation course. The most recent project is the digging the new Suez Canal, which succeeded in increasing the canal’s efficiency and raising its position. In addition to the Authority’s flexile marketing policies, professionalism, and flexibility in dealing with variables of the maritime transport industry. It is also benefiting from the recovery of global trade and growth indicators of the world’s major economies. All of these contributed to attracting new shipping lines that didn’t previously use the Canal.

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