Lake Victoria-Mediterranean Sea Project Creates Work Opportunities for African Youth

Lake Victoria-Mediterranean Sea Project Creates Work Opportunities for African Youth

June 15, 2019
Admiral Mohab Mameesh, Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority and Head of the Public Authority for the Suez Canal Development, said that Egypt is proud of being the African country that controls and manages one of the most important navigational channels in the world. The Suez Canal is a vital channel that connects the Red Sea with the Mediterranean one and links the African Continent to Europe.

The aforementioned statement was part of Mameesh’s speech delivered during the final events of the training program, organized today by the Suez Canal Authority. The training program comprised 30 trainees from the Nile Basin Countries. Having the title of “Challenges and Opportunities”, the training program helps qualify the trainees to direct the giant project planned to connect Lake Victoria with the Mediterranean Sea. A number of ambassadors of the Nile Basin Countries and COMESA States were present at the events.

Mameesh assured that the construction of Lake Victoria-Mediterranean Sea navigation line is a great benefit for the African Continent. It will help facilitate goods transport, create a new life, and provide work opportunities for the African youth.
Mameesh added that all African countries are on the same ship. Therefore, cooperation is necessary for the optimal exploitation of African wealth.

In addition, Yasser Jalal, Chairman of the River Transport Authority, said that Egypt’s political leadership supports Lake Victoria- Mediterranean Sea project. He added that this project is a tremendous one meant to create a vital artery to connect the Nile Basin Countries with Europe. The project will improve trade movement and reduce fuel consumption and pollution. Jalal assured that the first phase of the project has already been launched with the preliminary feasibility studies in preparation for the project implementation.

Moreover, the manager of the African Development Bank in Cairo said that this initiative, intended to facilitate trade movement, is a great project in Africa. It seeks to improve the inter-state trade movement between the African countries, despite the fact that only 25% of these countries did participate in this project. The manager assured that the Bank appreciates and financially supports such great projects and giant initiatives adding, “We would like to see the project as an evidence of the African nations’ cooperation for the benefit of the Black Continent”.

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