Egypt Is Keen on Reinforcing Communication with Its People Abroad

Egypt Is Keen on Reinforcing Communication with Its People Abroad

July 15, 2019
Admiral Mohab Mameesh, Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority and Head of the Economic Zone, received today Dr. Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs. The meeting took place at the Simulation and Maritime Training Center of the Authority in Ismailia.

A delegation of the Egyptian communities abroad, as well as a number of the experts participating in the conference of Egyptian Entities Abroad accompanied the Minister. In addition, a number of official leaders of the Authority and officials of the Immigration Ministry were present at the meeting.

Admiral Mohab Mameesh welcomed the delegation assuring that Egypt is keen on communicating with the Egyptian expatriates. He added that the Egyptian expatriates are considered as ambassadors. They are representatives of the country in various fields. Mameesh expressed his appreciation for the outstanding effort of Dr. Nabila Makram in organizing events and meetings, which aim at reuniting the Egyptians and providing all means of care and interest to the Egyptians abroad.

Mameesh also stressed the importance of benefitting from the expatriates’ mental abilities, experiences and ambitious development plans adopted by the state in all fields.

The delegation watched a presentation of the history of the Suez Canal, reviewing the various phases of its development and the new Suez Canal project, which helped raise the channel’s classification globally and maintain its leading role. They also learnt about the development projects carried out in the Economic Zone and the promising investment opportunities in it.

Additionally, Mameesh referred to the strategic importance of the Suez Canal and its unique location at the center of the world. This remarkable location motivated President Al-Sisi to support the new Suez Canal project.

Mameesh explained that the Economic zone is considered as a new platform introduced by the Egyptian state to serve the world trade movement and to strengthen cooperation with Egypt’s partners. It can provide integrated logistics and industrial services. Moreover, the development project helps in creating a new life in the surrounding area. It also helps provide work opportunities for the youth.

At the end of the meeting, Admiral Mohab Mameesh presented the New Suez Canal Shield to Dr. Nabila Makram. He invited the delegation to cruise the new channel and to visit the tunnels site in Ismailia to see the achievements on the ground.

As for Dr. Nabila Makram, she thanked Admiral Mohab Mameesh for his keenness on hosting the representatives of the Egyptian communities abroad and organizing such fruitful meetings to inform the Egyptian expatriates of the development efforts exerted in the Canal region.

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