Mohab Mameesh Receives a Delegation of African Media Officials

Mohab Mameesh Receives a Delegation of African Media Officials

July 15, 2019
Mohab Mameesh, Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority and Head of the Economic Zone, received today, Monday, a delegation of African media officials, accompanied by Ambassador Hisham Asran, Deputy Secretary-General of the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development, at the Simulation and Maritime Training Center in Ismailia.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mameesh welcomed the visitors praising the efforts of the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development in strengthening cooperation with the Africans to achieve sustainable development for the African Continent. Mameesh added that in accordance with the instructions of Egypt’s Presidency, Egypt is keen on taking advantage of its leadership of the African Union Organization this year to continue building bridges of economic integration, development and partnership with the African countries. Egypt seeks to achieve the ultimate use of the great human and natural resources for the advancement of the African Continent.

In addition, Mameesh stated that in order to achieve the desired objective, the Authority is planning to launch several shipping lines and new roads to connect Egypt with the African countries. The aim is to facilitate marketing the African exports to the countries all over the world.

Mameesh added that he feels proud because he belongs to the African Continent, which possesses all means of success. He pointed out that Egypt’s organization of the African Championship is undoubtedly successful. It is an indication of Egypt’s ability to organize global events.

As for Ambassador Hisham Asran, he praised the remarkable efforts carried out by the Authority to build great national projects during a relatively short time. This will definitely help in achieving the desired economic development during the present historical period, considered important to restore Egypt’s leading role.

The delegation watched a presentation of the national projects launched by the Suez Canal Authority, on top of which comes the new Suez Canal. This new project helps strengthen the unique location of the Canal at the center of the world navigation lines. The delegation also watched another presentation entitled “The Great Egyptian Dream”, related to the Economic Zone development project that has lately witnessed an obvious progress concerning the execution of several projects with investments of $20 billion. However, the Authority aims at raising the investments to reach $55 billion over the coming 15 years.

Mameesh referred to the launching of the first vocational and technical training center in the Economic Zone in Ain Sukhna. With investments of over 22 million euros, this training center aims at providing technical skills to the Egyptian workers to carry out the ongoing projects.

At the end of the visit, Mameesh presented the shield of the New Suez Canal to Ambassador Asran inviting the delegation to take a cruise in the new channel and to visit the tunnels site in Ismailia.

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