President of Italian Confederation: We Discussed with ”Mameesh” the Establishment of an Italian Economic Zone in the East of Port Said

President of Italian Confederation: We Discussed with ”Mameesh” the Establishment of an Italian Economic Zone in the East of Port Said

July 20, 2019
Jose Romano, President of the Italian Confederation for Economic Development, said that they are arranging for the first conference and exhibition of Italian companies in Rome to discuss investment opportunities in Egypt.

The aforementioned statement was issued during Romano’s meeting with Admiral Mameesh, Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority and Head of the Economic Zone, Major General Mohammed Al-Assar, Minister of Military Production, and Dr. Ibrahim Al-Ashmawy, First Assistant of the Minister of Supply and Head of the Internal Trade Development Authority. Romano added that the delegation’s visit was extremely successful for they discussed a number of projects and investment opportunities with Admiral Mameesh, Major General Al-Assar and Dr. Al-Ashmawy. The most important project is the establishment of an Italian Economic Zone in the East of Port Said, particularly that the Confederation has a partnership with the Industrial Development Group SAMCRETE. ”We discussed with Major General Al-Assar the establishment of a waste factory for recycling wastes. We also discussed with Dr. Al-Ashmawy the investment in food chains and the fields of commercial malls,” added Romano.

Romano referred to the fact that the Confederation is the largest economic entity in the world as it includes around 10,000 Italian companies. The Confederation aims at finding markets and pumping investments through real partnerships with friends. He added, ”Egypt is one of the major countries we desire to enter its market, especially in the light of the deep and good relations between the two countries.” He also said that once he has returned to Rome, he would prepare for the largest Economic Conference comprising Italian companies to visit the delegation of the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade to discuss investment opportunities in Egypt.

Additionally, Romano added, “We observe with great interest the amount of economic and infrastructure projects executed by the Egyptian government.” He referred to the Confederation’s visit to Egypt assuring that it is meant to learn about investment opportunities. The delegation also finds great interest from the Egyptian government in dealing with the Italian companies and this is what they intend to inform Rome about. Romano also said that they would start preparing for holding conferences for the Italian companies in Rome and Cairo to support the economic cooperation between the two countries. He indicated that he would return to Cairo next month to discuss a number of projects with the Ministry of Egyptian Transport in Dry and Maritime Ports, particularly in Alexandria Port. He would also continue the discussions they had during their current visit.

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