Admiral Mameesh: We Intend to Establish Tourist Ports in the Suez Canal

Admiral Mameesh: We Intend to Establish Tourist Ports in the Suez Canal

July 24, 2019
Admiral Mohab Mameesh, Chairman of the General Authority of the Suez Canal, said that the Authority intends to establish tourist ports in a number of coastal areas overlooking the project of the Suez Canal development. He explained, “Our aim is to benefit from the enormous potential of the region through attracting tourist ships and visitors to coastal cities such as Ain Sukhna, Port Said and Al-Tur that lie in the south of Sinai region.”

Mameesh pointed out that the development of the Suez Canal area includes the improvement of six main ports: East and West of Port Said, Ain Sukhna, Al-Tur, Al-Arish and Al-Adabia. This will provide good opportunities to launch tourist ports, especially the port of Al-Tur, to benefit from the enormous tourism potential in Sinai.

It is worth noting that during 2018 the Suez Canal witnessed an increase in the number of crossing passenger vessels reaching 96 ones, compared to the 82 ships of 2017. Mameesh added, “We realize a steady growth in the number of large passenger ships crossing the Canal and in the development of tourist ports along it. This will help attract more tourist ships.”

Mameesh assured that they mean to motivate the crossing passengers to visit the Egyptian ports and cities instead of just passing by. This will help increase the revenues in Egypt, as there are several tourist ports: Marina Port Ghalib, Marina Al-Gouna, Marina Hurghada, Marina Soma Bay, Marina Taba Heights and Porto Marina Al-Alamein.

Moreover, the Chairman of the General Authority of the Economic Zone said that the Authority carries out the work in coordination with the Ministry of Transportation to operate shipping lines between the port of Ain Sukhna and east of Africa before the end of this year. This will help provide export ports for the products that will be manufactured in the Canal region and will facilitate trade movement with the African countries.

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