Breif About Admiral Mohab Mameesh

Admiral Mohab Mameesh

The Admiral was born in Alexandria in 1948. He grew up with five sisters in a middle-class family. His childhood dream was to serve in the navy because he was born at sea.
He joined the Naval War College and he was one of its top students, graduating in 1971. He received many courses and scholarships. He held many senior positions in the navy starting from a senior naval officer, Lieutenant Commander of the Submarine Force, commander of the two bases, Head of the Training Division, Head of the Operations Division and Chief of the Naval Staff until he became Commander of the Naval Forces in 2007. He was the first Commander from the Submarine Force to hold the post.
He was appointed Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority on 12 August 2012 and was later assigned by, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to be the President of the Suez Canal Authority on 30 April 2017.

Family and grandchildren:

As for his family, he was blessed with a good kindhearted wife and two daughters, Fatima, a pharmacist, and Amira, a dentist. He has 5 grandchildren, whom he considers to be a great blessing from God.

His father:

His father was a former officer in Northern Military Region of Alexandria in the Navy as a commanding officer. He settled down in the city that he loves the most, Alexandria. He was a strong outspoken disciplined man whose traits were passed on to his son.

His father was one of the most influential people in his life and the lives of his brothers. In addition he had the pleasure to serve under some great leaders such as Marshal Tantawy and President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

His hobbies:

As for his hobbies, swimming, football and running were always his favorites. Currently, he prefers football. He supports Al-Ahly, and his favorite player is Mohammed Salah. The Admiral believes that sport represents ethics and commitment and he wishes that sports will be an integral part of every school curriculum. As for music, he loves Am Kalthoum’s songs with its sophisticated words and mesmerizing melodies.

His favorite saying:

His favorite saying “let your work speak for you”. Your work is the only thing that will talk about you better then yourself. Work is worship and the harder you work the closer you’ll be to God. He believes that one should never turn a blind eye to mistakes and that our current problem is cumulative errors.

His role model:

His role model is President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi because he is a true patriot whose sole purpose is the best for his country. He is a strong faithful religious man who always speaks the truth.

His will for his daughters:

“I advise my daughters to always worship Allah so that He blesses their lives, to work hard and to strive for unbreakable family bonds. I advise them to never believe those who don’t love Egypt, to always defend their country because it’s the country in which we grew up, and we will die on its land and to finally be companionate and forgiving with each other”.

His speech to his life partner:

“If it hadn’t been for your continuous support, encouragement and your tender care for my children, I wouldn’t have been the person I am today”

His will to his successor:

“I advise those who succeed me to never cease self-development. Every one of us completes the others’ mission so our leadership should be constructive and I wish that you will surpass me and continue the strife for the welfare of our country”.


  • United Kingdom Mission (1980)
  • United States Training Mission (1983)
  • United Arab Emirates Mission (1987-1989)
  • Mission of the People's Republic of China (1992)
  • Mission of the United States of America (1992)
  • Mission of the United States of America (1995)
  • Mission of the United States of America (1998)
  • Mission of Greece (1999)
  • Mission of France (2002)
  • Mission of the United States of America (2004)

Decorations and Medals

  • Longevity and Exemplary Service Medal.
  • Training Decoration.
  • Medal of the Egyptian Navy.
  • Liberation of Sinai Decoration.
  • Military Duty Decoration, First Class.
  • Silver Jubilee of Liberation of Sinai Medal.
  • October War 1973 Medal.
  • Silver Jubilee of October War 1973 Medal.
  • Golden Jubilee Medal of the July Revolution.
  • 25th January 2011 Revolution Medal.
  • The Republic's Military Decoration, First Class.

Most Challenging tasks assigned to Admiral Mameesh

  1. Securing the theater of maritime operations, ports, shipping lanes and strategic targets located at sea.
  2. Led by the team Mihab Mamesh, The Naval Forces have secured 31 ports and 96 platforms and oil drills in the Gulf of Suez and the Red Sea. They have also combated marine pollution.
  3. Addressing the attempts to raid warehouses, ports and oil ports in particular by groups of outlaws, facing the threat of hindering the movement of trade and transport of goods, where 95% of the goods are transported from and to Egypt through ports. Well trained personnel of the Naval Forces were able to secure these strategic sites without any property loss.
  4. Securing and protecting gas platforms. It is the main nerve of the gas supply network for Egyptian households. Gas platforms were under the threat of termination due to the evacuation of foreigners from Egypt after the events of 25 January, where many foreign experts resigned out of fear for their lives.
  5. Successfully cooperating with of the Second Field Army and the Border Police to prevent any acts of sabotage that would disrupt navigation in the international waterway. The naval forces have tightened security of the Suez Canal to stand against of any attempts of operation disruption. The Admiral stressed that that the security of the Suez Canal is a red line because it represents a vital source of national income and the Egyptian economy.
  6. Securing the referendum of the constitutional amendments in 189 committees and headquarters in the provinces and checkpoints of naval bases, most notably Alexandria and the Red Sea and also participating in securing 102 committees of high school exams in Alexandria.
  7. Securing 102 high school exam committees.
  8. Securing the streets, the deploying ambushes during the events of the revolution in cooperation with the Northern Military Region, organizing patrols, arresting a large number of outlaws As well as containing factional demonstrations peacefully.
  9. Addressing illegal immigration operations in cooperation with the Northern Military Region. During the period from 2007 until now, the naval forces, led by Admiral Mamesh, has foiled more than 15 illegal immigration operations and rescued nearly 733 individuals.
  10. Securing the regional water of Egypt against acts of piracy and noting that all the kidnappings that took place outside the regional water and not within the borders of Egypt.
  11. Adopting self-reliant policies and encouraging cooperation with other countries to manufacture new marine units in the Egyptian marine arsenals whereas, the arsenals manage the manufacture of complete units with pure Egyptian production.
  12. Foiling many arms and drug smuggling operations carried out by outlaws during the security chaos of the previous period by the Navy Force.